Infamous in the early 90’s12539955_10153348903830949_936587695_n for breaking ground in Sydney’s fetish scene, Threshold has returned in 2015 with the magic that made it so cutting edge. As pioneers of the warehouse play party down under, we are fusing that trail blazing spirit with new blood for the 21st century.

It doesn’t matter how you identify, your gender or your orientation; Threshold is a party where you can explore and play in a safe, sane and consensual environment.

Threshold is held at Sanctuary, conveniently located on Parramatta Rd, Annandale. Our venue is easily accessible via public transport and there is plenty of street parking available.

There are plenty of options available to you at Threshold including St Andrew’s crosses, spanking benches, a sling, multiple suspension points, a medical area and a dedicated wet space.

Our party is BYO alcohol only with soft drinks & mixers available to purchase at Sanctuary’s café.

Threshold’s parties have all completely sold out over a week before the event so please purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

We enforce a fetish dress code & to borrow from our friends at Hellfire “No Effort, No Entry!”

Tickets are available HERE through Eventbrite.

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What Are The Party Rules?

1. Absolutely NO illegal drugs. Anyone judged to be under the influence of these will be asked to leave. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking room.

2. No photography.

3. Do not touch anyone without permission.

4. Please listen to and respect the Dungeon Monitors at all times. Their decisions are FINAL.

5. Dungeon monitor(s) are wearing lanyards. They have the final say in scene matters and can stop a scene if they feel the boundaries of safe, sane, and consensual have been exceeded.

6. Do not interrupt BDSM scenes, including talking loudly. Also be aware of people’s back swings.

7. All activities must be undertaken in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. If you are going to engage in some form of edge play, notify a dungeon monitor.

8. Please clean up your play area when you’re finished. Wax play or other messes are only okay with a drop cloth. Be aware of where you put your drinks so that they don’t get spilled.

9. Play within your means. DMs will stop anyone who appears to be drunk or playing in an unsafe manner.

10. Obtain permission before borrowing equipment. Clean it before returning.

11.If you ask someone to play and they say no, the answer is final. NO MEANS NO !!!

12. Submissives/bottoms are not community property (unless that is a part of their scene). Please respect them for the individuals they are.

13.Dominants/Tops are not endless whip machines for subs/bottoms.

14.When in the scene spaces, please refrain from loud or unnecessary conversation. Afford others the same respect you would want.

15. Do not attempt to join a scene unless invited by the Dominant/Top. Likewise if you are asked to move or step back, do so.

16.If you are uncomfortable with an on-going scene, you should simply step away from it. Do not infringe on the rights of others. If for any reason a scene needs to be stopped it will be done by the Dungeon Monitor. If you feel a scene is unsafe inform the Dungeon Master and he/she will review the scene.

17.Do pay attention to what is going on in the scene. You can learn a lot from watching experienced players

18. Do feel free to talk to the players afterwards about what they were doing. However, it’s often a good idea to give them some time to calm down first. Half an hour is usually a sufficient recovery time.