The Drum – Monthly Femtop Fun Impact Play Peer Event

Welcome to The Drum!

Who is welcome:
* The Drum is specifically for those that identify as fem/femme tops **AND**
* We also welcome all those that enjoy or are curious about bottoming to femptops^ for impact play

What it is:
* A peer event with a focus on learning through experimentation and play, complemented with a fun and educational demonstration
* A space for femtops^ to learn, play and practice
* A space to get inspired, practice and experiment with impact techniques
* A space for subs to experiment with impact play in a supervised and supportive environment

What it is not:
* A pick-up party

When is it on:
* The Drum is held on the fourth Monday of every month, two weeks after the Sydney FemDommes & subs munch.

We look forward to seeing you there!

^ femtops being those that identify as fem/femme/gender queer

Hosted by the wonderfull!!