Thanks you Gender FVCKERS! And announcing Sanctified – A Very Sexy Halloween

Oh my!! What an amazing night we had at the Sanctified Gender FVCK Edition on Saturday, so many pretty boys girls, ladies gents and everything in between! We certainly Gender FVCKED and it was glorious! You all looked fabulous and delicious and it was wonderful to see everyone letting loose and dressing up in their finest!

Thanks to Craig Mckellar for the banging tunes and the gorgeous and talented Ethan Strange for such a breathtaking performance. We hope to see a lot more of you. And who could forget the surprise very sexy and messy performance from a certain blonde sexbomb! We’ll never look at lollipops in the same way again! Maybe. Nah we always looked at them that way really, right?

We love you all and can’t wait to see you at the next one! Thank you all for coming and making it such a night to remember!! Xoxoxox <3

Our next Sanctified party is on Halloween! Come and get FVCKED with a spooky twist! As always all Sanctuary events are totally queer, gender fluid and LGBTQiA+ friendly and you are encouraged to bring your fabulous selves to the party. BUT WITH A TERRIFYING TWIST. AAAAAAAAIIIEEEE

Sanctified – A Very Sexy Halloween – 28 October


<3 <3 <3

News 16 November 2016

Meeting of deviant minds tonight to work on the next phase of Operation Ultimate Sexy Fun Times – The Kinkening……

Do you have any thoughts on how we could make Sanctuary a better place for you? Share them here! Your fairy godmummies and daddies might just make them come true…

We will definitely be open in the new year… but things might move along faster if the KinkGods are kind. <3 <3 <3

News 11 November 2016

So Sanctuary’s gotten across another important hurdle and is well on the way to coming back online. The DA was handed over today and the council has indicated they accept the use which will mean some very exciting things… Details of that to come soon, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we have some delightfully delicious things in store for everyone!

So massive thanks to everyone who has been sharing and supporting us, the show of public support has really helped and more than anything else, you’ve all given some much needed positive energy when things were looking at their worst. Special thanks to Anna Anderson, Peter Banki for their invaluable advice, Des Rotundus for his forthcoming practical contributions to the construction and the other nameless but extremely appreciated members of the Conspirators of Sanctuary group. 😉 Big big thanks to the town planner and architect who stepped in and provided key assistance to getting approvals and plans in place.

Last but not least thanks to Hebari from Sydney Rope Dojo for donating his time and services to help get these plans in place.

But this is just the beginning! Because of the support and positive responses we will be able to get some assistance with the works required for the venue, however we will still need your help to keep up the good word and contribute what you can to make Sanctuary even better than it was before!

We’ll be holding a fundraising event as well as setting up a donation page, your contributions will be rewarded with various gifts, such as exclusive memberships, an invite and entry to the celebratory party once Sanctuary is open again, and many more exciting things. WOW.

So keep an eye out, and again our humble and heartfelt thanks for all the support that you’ve shown for us, we appreciate it so very, very much.

Looking forward to be able to once again make our contributions to the vibrant and thriving Sydney kink community, and provide a place where everyone can come together in the spirit of collaboration and kinship.

<3 <3 <3

News 5 November 2016

Great news everyone!

We’re so thankful for the support and love you guys have been giving us – and some very real and practical support was given to us today by two very lovely individuals, a town planner and an architect who are both extremely professional and sympathetic to our cause.

There is a meeting in the coming week with the newly amalgamated local council, and we are cautiously optimistic that there will be a mutually beneficial solution reached that will allow us to continue operating this wonderful community space that has been so supportive of such a diverse gathering of beautiful individuals from all walks of life where they are free to express themselves and not be discriminated against for who they are.

It just goes to show what can be possible if we stand together – and the support and likes and sharing that you have done are sending a positive message, and by keeping the awareness up, you are showing that Sanctuary is a necessary and vibrant part of the local community.

We will keep you all updated on the proceedings as they go, Sanctuary will be opening again ASAP, but in the meantime big thanks to Studio Kink Sydney and Velvet Rope for providing temporary alternate spaces for our normal Tuesday night events, we appreciate the help in giving our friends and fellow Sanctuary goers a place to gather, socialise, perform and practice their craft.

<3 <3 <3


News 4 November 2016

Hello all you lovely people!

We’ve had a meeting tonight about the best way to proceed to keep Sanctuary going, very soon we’re going to need all your support to help, and we will have details on how you can specifically help us to stay open and to make Sanctuary an even better place to be ASAP!

The end result is going to be a different vibe to anything else that is already running out there, and we are counting on the Sydney kink community to band together to support the growth of the amazing diversity of venues and spaces that we are proud to have in our Sydney scene.

Dave and the Sanctuary crew have poured immense effort and countless man hours into renovating and transforming this place, and it would be a tragedy to see it all gone.

Support the space that supports you!

Stay tuned for more details…