Lillith and Amirah’s Rough Body Play Workshop on tonight!



Rough Body Play
Sometimes we like it rough! Learning how to play rough with your partner is fun and cam be incredibly therapeutic. We will teach you techniques that we have learnt to do this safely and also the psychological effects and arousal that come about through this visceral and hands on workshop.

We’ll be exploring things like take downs, intensifying your play experience through breathing and physical expression and ways to enjoy the struggle / power exchange in a very dynamic and energetic context. We will also be working on how to resist and accept surrender so that it will be more of a play situation as opposed to an overcoming through sheer force.

Sai Jaiden Lillith is a gender fluid ProDom and artist based in Sydney. A gifted, creative and imaginative performer, artist and player of games, they put their own darkly sensual eroticism on a range of BDSM activities. They also teach private and group Shibari classes on request.

Amirah is a cheeky but dedicated sub and rope model, who enjoys many forms of play, including rope suspension.

Sai and Amirah have presented workshops and performed at Oz Kink Fest2017 and 2018 and presented private individual and group Shibari classes.

Do I need a partner?
We recommend bringing a partner, but if you are happy to pair up on the night with someone else that can also be a possibility. This workshop is non sexual and everyone will be fully clothed. You can also learn a number of these skills solo, however it will be best if you have someone to practice with. Please feel free to post in the event if you are looking for someone to pair up with.

What do I need to bring?
Water, though you can purchase drinks at the cafe at Sanctuary.

What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes that you can be active in.