Anniversary Party Wrap up and Upcoming Events

Wow, what an Anniversary party! If you’re like us and just recovering from it, we welcome you back to the world of the living! The Force was definitely strong at the party, as we converted Sanctuary into a space age playground. We saw a lot of new faces as well as old friends, and had an amazing lineup of performers including Bettie Bandit and Adam Apple as duelling Slave Leia’s, Mama La Roux doing Darth Vader as you’ve never seen it before, and special guesting from SNVFF DJ’s Joey Alucvrd and Alicia May back to back! It was wonderful to watch everyone at play, and all three floors of the building were pumping with the sweet sounds of pleasure, pain and fun. Thanks again to EVERYONE for helping to make this an amazing night, especially the staff and helpers who all contributed, you know who you are.
Our next two parties are the Couples and Groups edition of Love is Love our Swinger’s event on 26 May, and Sanctified Retro Kinkabilly play party on the 1st of June. We have so many other events coming up too, including our weekly Rope Chill, Femocracy, Threshold, The Drum and Intimate Horizons workshops, and last but not least, we’re really excited to be hosting Rule 34’s Ring Out Your Character workshop this Saturday! If you want to stay informed of our latest events please do sign up to our mailing list at, where you’ll hear about it first!
Featuring special guest Artemisia DeVine!