March Madness! Update on the Latest Events at Sanctuary through March and beyond!

Your March Update on Sanctuary Events!

Threshold March – Sat 17.03.2018
Fetish Markets – Sun 18.03.2018
Love is Love – A Swinger’s Night for Everybody – Sat 23.03.2018
Yoni and Lingram Massage Workshop – Sun 25.03.2018
The Drum – 26.03.2018

Sanctified Kinky Carnival – 07.04.2018
Rope Chill – Every Tuesday

Threshold March – 17.03.2018

Threshold March is approaching – get your tickets now!

Fetish Markets – Sunday 18.03.2018

The Fetish Markets return in March on 18.03.2018! Come along for your dose of Kinky Toys, Fashion and Socialising.

LOVE IS LOVE – A Swinger’s Party for Everybody! – 23.03.2018

Our first Swinger’s party was a fun intimate affair! We’re looking forward to our next one in March. There will be sexy fun party games on the ground floor, and more intense and intimate fun upstairs… Click here for more details – contact us directly at for a ticket link.

Yoni and Lingram Massage Workshop – 25.03.2018

Yoni and Lingam massage are a sacred meditation, a careful awakening, a conscious and ongoing decision to put your partner’s pleasure in front of mind. This workshop is a hands-on and in-depth introduction to the techniques, mindsets, and practices of Tantric genital massage. Allow yourself to disconnect the physical release from the pleasure of touch as your partner learns to commune with you in a shared experience.

Participants will have the opportunity to join either or both of the classes. Please bring a partner who you would be comfortable with in a sexually charged environment, with at least one vulva (yoni) or penis (lingam) for the matching class. (If you wish to attend but do not have a partner, please contact us as we may be able to pair you up!)

Please arrive clean, wear comfortable clothing and bring both a towel and sarong to rest on or to cover as desired.

Classes are $50 per class, or $80 per person for both classes.

This is an18+ event.

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The Drum – Monthly Femtop Impact Play – 26.03.2018 – every 4th Monday

The delightful Miss Penelope Dreadful and the Sydney Dommes and Subs munch presents The Drum!Who is welcome:
* The Drum is specifically for those that identify as fem/femme tops **AND**
* We also welcome all those that enjoy or are curious about bottoming to femptops^ for impact play

What it is:
* A peer event with a focus on learning through experimentation and play, complemented with a fun and educational demonstration
* A space for femtops^ to learn, play and practice
* A space to get inspired, practice and experiment with impact techniques
* A space for subs to experiment with impact play in a supervised and supportive environment

Follow this link for more details!

KINKY CARNIVAL – Sanctified April – 07.04.2018

Join us for this funtastic edition of Sanctified! Show us your Carnivalesque! Sexy, disturbing, funny, we want to see it all! Circus animals! Demented clowns! Sexy lion tamers! The creepy ringmaster! And any and all combinations! We will have some fun and freaky performers lined up, as well as great tunes for our more-than-three ring circus. There will be door prizes for the best dressed. Adherence to the theme is not mandatory, so please feel free to turn up in your fetish gear of choice.

Incub8 – sexy industrial fusion grooves always set the mood perfectly for play from Incub8!

Joshua James

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