Anne O Nomis, Derelicte Trash Parade, Fetish Markets, Love is Love Swingers Party, Wicked Unicorns Party OH MY!

We have so many sights to show you!

This week, the Sanctified Derelicte Trash Parade is on! It’ll be a fun night of burlesque, trash and kink. The wonderful Violetta De Rose will be performing a long set, and all your fun dungeon needs as always will be there. Click below for more details.


The first Fetish Markets of 2018 is on Sunday 28.01.2018.


Our very first Swinger’s party ever! Love is Love, a swinger’s event for everyone! All are welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality or any orientations! Click below for more details.


We have a pre Mardi Gras event planned! Wicked Unicorns Sanctified event is on with Joshua James, Pixie Lust and DJ Craig McKellar!