Happy Halloweeners! Announcing Sanctified Animal Farm Pet Play Party (Nov) and Sanctified Gender FVCK New Year! (Dec)

Thanks to all you wonderful people for turning up last night and making it another awesome Sanctified! We loved our sexy burlesque performers Bettie Bandit and Pixie Lust – you know you’re in for a good night when both the performers tell you they’re going to be using drop sheets! Spiders, Hellraisers, spider jizz, blood and boobs, yay! Xerstorkitte put on a pulsating dark set of tunes that many people used to… *ahem* great effect. There was some beautiful rope from Lillith tying a ghost bride, a bloody impact scene from some of our regulars, medical room antics and a whooooooole lot of fucking going on upstairs.

Two thumbs up… or whatever appendages you choose to use.

Thanks again to Sharon from In Visible Light for doing another great job at the bar and our fabulous DM’s for looking after everyone and making sure they have a fun and safe time!

Our next party is November 25th, Sanctified – Animal Farm – Pet Play Party! Hope to see you there in your furries, latex, leather, wings, ears, tails, and all the fun things! Adam Apple will be performing as well as the gorgeous Joshua James, and we’ll have DJ’s from our friends at Incub8 putting on tunes during the night.


Also keep an eye out for our very special Sanctified Gender Fvck New Years celebration! WE’RE GONNA FVCK IT AGAIN!