Sanctuary update 5 March 201

Greetings everybody!

Work at Sanctuary is progressing, through the help of our wonderful volunteers. It shows what can be done with community support and we’re so very lucky to have the help of everyone on the project. It’s been and continues to be a monumental challenge to have kept this project in motion, and an enormous show of appreciation should be made for the twisted minds behind this endeavour, especially the head honcho who’s put his life into this project, and countless, countless hours, sanity and money. Those near him will appreciate the sheer amount that he’s done and the willpower that has gone into the total renovation and maintenance of Sanctuary, which will open newer and better than ever.

The story so far – 

  • The entire facade of Sanctuary has been renovated with a brand new roller door, panels and fire security door.
  • The entire front of Sanctuary has been redesigned for a more open area – plans for the opening of our cafe are exciting!
  • Half of Sanctuary has been repainted…
  • The entire ground floor is one continuous room, with the wall between the rope room and the rest of the floor removed. Carpet has been removed, and the floor is being revamped.
  • A fire door has been installed to seperate the ground floor and top floor for enhanced safety measures
  • The orientation of the stairs has changed, the blind corner at the ground floor is no more!
  • A state of the art fire safety system has been installed at no small expense…
  • The dungeon / basement has been completely revamped, the back roller door has been bricked up and replaced with more fire doors, and the old dungeon changed into a storeroom. The bottom floor is now the size of the rope room itself upstairs, for a new play area that Sanctuary has never had before….
  • Our new medical room on the top floor at the back of the building!

And more to come

  • New improved air conditioning for all floors
  • Completion of the painting for the rope room
  • Refurbishment of the rope room floor as well as the dungeon floor
  • Refurbishment of the stairs
  • Completion of the set up of new suspension / tying points in the rope room
  • New artworks by independent Sydney artist Tim Burden, known for his work in the comics medium via the Morbid Sheep label and album artwork for Blatherskite and The Abyss Collective

I’m sure I’ve left something out, but you can see that we’ve been insanely busy, and we’re so very excited to be able to show you the new and improved Sanctuary!

Please continue to provide your support, it is so appreciated and we couldn’t have done it without you! The OzCrowd campaign continues to run, please donate generously. 🙂 And we’re always in need of more hands, so let us know if you can come and help!

<3 <3 <3