News 1 December 2016 – Sanctuary Fundraiser is LIVE!


Good morning all you beautifully kinky freaks and peeps!

So, the funky new Sanctuary site is now live, and our fundraiser has also kicked off!

There are wonderful rewards donated by our friends and supporters throughout Sydney, we hope that what you see delights your senses! We are relying on your support to help us get Sanctuary to the place that you deserve, and we thank you in advance for your kindness. Go forth to the fundraising page! 🙂

We will be using the funds to pay for a number of costly reports required by council for continued operation, as well as renovating Sanctuary to make it a more user friendly environment. These will include cosmetic as well as architectural adjustments, and will also see Sanctuary able to vastly increase opening hours to function as a cafe as well as a gathering place for our strange little souls.

Thanks again for the support that you have already shown, and we look forward to being open again VERY soon and hosting your wonderful selves.

Please share the crowdfunding link far and wide, and tell everyone you know – the more support we garner the more fabulous the completed Sanctuary will become!

Sign up to the new Sanctuary Newsletter to stay informed of events and developments, or keep visting this page for updates!

As ever, we are your humble servants.


Sanctuary Team

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