So we were late for Xmas, but… we’re early for New Years, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s been a bit quiet as we’ve celebrated the holiday period with friends and family, however behind the scenes a lot of admin, designs and paperwork have been flying back and forth, and we will be hitting the ground running next year with the planned renovations. HURRAH!

Keep an eye on the page for updates once we start tearing things apart and putting them back together… Thank you all for your patience and to our wonderful supporters, we love you all and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.


Enjoy our Christmas tree. 😉 Rope/Photo by Sai Lillith @ Rope Chill

Sanctuary Update 19 December 2016

Greetings all you kinky peeps!

Just a reminder that if you’re planning to go to the Festival of Really Good Sex, we have a full pass available for $400 on the Sanctuary OzCrowd page – this is a $105 discount on the ticket price, secure your place now! 🙂 We have many more great packages and gifts available on the crowdfunding page, they make great Christmas presents too! (hint hint.;) )

Thanks again to all our donors for their contributions to our cause, and if we don’t see you, Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays / Kinky Kringles. <3

Sanctuary Update 12 December 2016

Good evening kinksters!

So the holidays draw near (or have arrived for some), the weather’s heating up and the fundraiser is in full swing. Massive thank you again to our supporters, it means so much to us that you’re showing your love for the venue through donations and sharing of the page. Every share increases the chance of a donation and every donation brings us closer to our goal!

There’s been progress on the administrative front of the battle, another obstacle overcome on the way to reopening. We’re going to be busy over the holiday period with our nefarious plans and doing as much work as we can to get Sanctuary open again ASAP. Baby steps but the road is still long and hard. We are putting in all that we can of our own time and finances, and we are so very looking forward to reopening a newer, better, faster, stronger Sanctuary!

Sanctuary might be getting a bit more commercial publicity with a documentary planned by a renowned filmmaker which will be examining aspects of kink culture in our local community, and we are proud to be considered for the location for a portion of this documentary! Keep an eye on this space for more on this exciting development!

Don’t forget about Rope Chill, which is still happening every Tuesday at the Velvet Rope playhouse, send us an email if you need details.

Please continue to spread the word, and as always a heartfelt thank you to our friends and supporters for sticking with us through this difficult time. 🙂

Much Love
<3 Sanctuary

News 8 December 2016 – Thank you for your help!

Good afternoon Kinksters!

Well, it was a mad rush to get the fundraiser together, and we are still getting offers for help and donations both in cash and in kind. It has been heart warming to see the donations coming in as well as your support in sharing and spreading the word.

Sanctuary proudly stands as a venue which supports its community, and as a play space has always been nurturing and safe. I remember at a Threshold event when I was performing a first time suspension – the bunny had a moment of vertigo and nearly passed out in her ropes. Within moments, there were friendly helping hands around me to make sure that she was ok, and to help me get her down as swiftly as possible whilst fetching her water and giving us their full support. This moment encapsulates what events and times at Sanctuary are all about, and we are proud of our little community and the new faces that we always see arriving.

We’ve been proud to continually host events such as Threshold, where newbies and experienced players alike can come and play in a safe and snug space with friendly and kinky faces and experienced Dungeon Monitors with years of experience. Our Rope Chill evenings have been everything from cozy affairs of a handful of riggers and bunnies to a full house of mad rope flinging and beautiful connective experiences alike.

With your help, this rope space will become even more expansive, and the parties that we hold will become even more grand. Imagine the downstairs space as a continuous long hallway of debaucherous and fabulous play, with the wall that used to seperate the front and the back removed. This will allow us to add even more suspension points, as well as giving the venue a much more open space.

We are already seeking people to help run the cafe during the day when it opens, and plans for new artwork and fancy things are in the works. Hurrah!

Please, spread the word of the fundraiser – we need your help to hit our target – if you can’t donate (and we understand that with the approaching Christmas holidays things may be tight financially) please do share the fundraiser page to get more publicity for the venue and support to help Sanctuary get back on its feet!

Again we thank everyone who has donated their time and funds to our cause, you are beautiful people and we love you dearly. <3

News 1 December 2016 – Sanctuary Fundraiser is LIVE!


Good morning all you beautifully kinky freaks and peeps!

So, the funky new Sanctuary site is now live, and our fundraiser has also kicked off!

There are wonderful rewards donated by our friends and supporters throughout Sydney, we hope that what you see delights your senses! We are relying on your support to help us get Sanctuary to the place that you deserve, and we thank you in advance for your kindness. Go forth to the fundraising page! 🙂

We will be using the funds to pay for a number of costly reports required by council for continued operation, as well as renovating Sanctuary to make it a more user friendly environment. These will include cosmetic as well as architectural adjustments, and will also see Sanctuary able to vastly increase opening hours to function as a cafe as well as a gathering place for our strange little souls.

Thanks again for the support that you have already shown, and we look forward to being open again VERY soon and hosting your wonderful selves.

Please share the crowdfunding link far and wide, and tell everyone you know – the more support we garner the more fabulous the completed Sanctuary will become!

Sign up to the new Sanctuary Newsletter to stay informed of events and developments, or keep visting this page for updates!

As ever, we are your humble servants.


Sanctuary Team